12 Oct 2017

Halloween 2017

There is no question that Halloween is one of the best days of the year. Everyone gets to dress up and watch horror movies while they enjoy a large bag of candy. The entire month of October turns into a tribute to horror themes and stories. Halloween has become such a fun tradition for millions of people. Today we are going to be talking about the five most important things to prepare for Halloween.
The pumpkins
The pumpkin is a significant thing to make for Halloween, and you need to have at least one pumpkins properly carved and lit for your entrance during Halloween. You could be missing the witches, the mummies, the werewolves and Frankenstein monsters, but not the pumpkins.
The costume
You are only going to be ready for Halloween once you have picked up what kind of outfit you plan to wear. Don’t wait until the last minute to pick it up. Take your time and get the results you want by choosing as early as possible. Proper planning is going to make things much easier for you.
The food
You need to make sure that you can get in the Halloween mood by enjoying Halloween related food. Pick a classic Halloween burger or try out the limited edition Pumpkenstein burger at V Burger. It’s not an ordinary cheeseburger. It has that dark Halloween touch through it, with its special beetroot aioli, pumpkin & sweet potato croquet, come in a toasted black bun. Give it a go as it will only be available until Halloween Day!
The decorations
Even if you don’t like the idea of turning your front yard into a graveyard for Halloween, you can still decorate inside your home to give it a cool eerie vibe that fits perfectly with the mood of the month. A good way to do this is by using the fridge to decorate your kitchen and using your bathroom door to hang a Halloween themed decoration.
The attitude
You could have all the horror movies, the decorations and the best costume, but your attitude and your enthusiasm for this particular celebration are going to make a world of a difference. Invite your family to have extra excitement as well for the day and join in together in fun.
Final thoughts
Halloween is a great time to spend with friends and family members. The most important thing is for you to immerse yourself in that fun so it will be an unforgettable experience every year.
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